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Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Vecta has long been associated with the production of hydraulic and pneumatic components, often avoiding the need for ground surface finishes. One particular field of hydraulics supplied to is that of bolt and stud tightening under closely controlled conditions. This type of equipment has applications as varied and diverse as oilfield pipeline and platform construction, diesel cylinder head tightening on equipment such as ship engines and coal mining supports.


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The demands on the componentry of these systems is close tolerances and fine surface finishes, both internally and externally, since the heart of the tensioners is a high pressure cylinder and piston arrangement. The pressures often encountered are as high as 20,000 psi or 1380 bar. Obviously, safety and reliability of product manufacture are of paramount importance here and full control of production quality and product traceability is essential. Vecta’s quality control procedures being based on the requirements of BS5750, assures customers that these crucial criteria are always met.

Other low pressures, but equally as exacting and important applications include products such as hydraulic jacks covering trolley lifts to bridge lifting, air/paint manifold blocks for paint spraying equipment, hydraulic actuator systems for valve controls, and heavy steel cable pulling machines for underwater and severe environmental conditions.

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Common to all of these is the vital importance of product quality and reliability provided by Vecta. If you have any further enquiries or questions about our hydraulics or pneumatics then please do not hesitate to contact us.