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Fuel Injection

Vecta CNC have been implementing Fuel Injection systems for heavy engine applications for over 30 years. We have always adopted the principle of keeping up with all the very latest machine tool developments alongside market/product demands. As such, we have been able to assist a wide range of clients with our fuel injection systems.


Fuel Injection


Quality Assurance as Standard

Whatever your fuel injection needs, you can be assure that our extensive quality control procedures operate throughout the production process and techniques such as Statistical Process Control (SPC) can be employed where required or desirable. The substantial inspection department is used for first off, in process and final inspection of machined components, with regular patrol inspection as a matter of course.

Our highly skilled workforce has superb levels of expertise to meet the demanding specifications required by engineering today, however, an ongoing training program ensures personnel achieve optimum results from any new technology made available.

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